Playing with babies: fun or boredom?

Although a lot of people find the babies adorable and always fun to play and laugh with, other people may not agree, simply pointing out that they have outgrown their childhood and how nothing to do with it now. So, why is there such a big disagreement when it comes to babies?

It appears that this phenomenon has to do a lot with psychology. Basically, people who may have experienced traumatic and disappointing events in their childhood, and so as they do not want to come back to these experiences and otherwise get reminded of it in anyway, they would, most likely avoid it, though unconsciously. So when they see children, without being able to provide a true explanation of their uneasy reaction, they would simply get bored or act like they don’t care.

There is also another explanation, which once again has to deal with psychological aspects of people’s personalities. However, this one sounds a bit much simpler. The people who in general pessimistic and negative look at babies simply as trouble makers, and thus, may feel quite unhappy about it. Their typical excuse would go like this: oh those babies… I don’t want to play with, because maybe later they will make some shit here and there, and they I would have to clean all these mess, etc.

On the other hand, the positive individuals will never mind all these oversights of babies’ behavior and would just enjoy whatever they are doing. If you were to ask then to justify their condescending attitude towards these children, they would usually say that they were children too, and so they understand what it is to be a child, and essentially there is nothing bad about it. Moreover, these individuals are likely to have inherited positive attitude while enjoying their childhood, and thus would never mind to come back to their past experience and for an instant turn into babies themselves.

If you are still negative though, you could try a different approach and invite kids to do something fun. I would just go to some malls and rent whatever Baby Rentals available. Then as we get home, I would make them play, and afterwards go out for a walk somewhere.