4 Gift Ideas For The Cappuccino Loving Dad

Is your dad the kind who has the timer on his cappuccino maker set so that he can have his cup first thing when he wakes up in the mornings? Does he drink it on the way to work? Is he always trying new flavors when he goes to a cappuccino shop or restaurant?

Well, surprise your dad with some gifts that will appeal to the cappuccino lover in him:

–One. Gift certificate to his favorite cappuccino shop. Cappuccino can get expensive, so treat your dad to some freebies by giving him a free pass to his favorite cappuccino shop, perhaps for an entire month.

–Two. A set of cappuccino cups. You can find helpful hints on how to choose just the perfect cups at MyDemitasse. Maybe he wouldn’t drink out of one alone, but what if he and your mom want to share a nice cup together, or wanted to impress guests with a new set of fancy cups? Some prices are reasonable, and some are higher, so you’ll want to do some comparison shopping when it comes to these cups.

–Three. Gift basket. Fill a basket full of cappuccino samples, including international, flavored, unique, and cappuccino for the adventurous connoisseur. Even if you aren’t a cappuccino lover, you know that every cappuccino tastes different, so tickle his pallet with a variety of flavors. In the basket you could also toss in some refrigerator magnets that look like cups of cappuccino. Another thing you could include in the gift basket is a cake made with cappuccino. Have the bakery make one up for you, or if you’re really daring, find a good recipe online and bake it yourself.

–Four. A travel cappuccino mug. Whatever reason your dad has for traveling, whether it be the daily commute, for leisurely activities like ballgames or concerts, or for a fishing or camping trip, he will certainly appreciate a brand new cappuccino mug that he can take with him. Some are average size, but others are huge, so make sure he has a cup holder in his vehicle to accommodate it. You can always buy a cup holder while you’re at it. Also, make sure the cup is insulated, because some aren’t. Also make sure the lid has a snug fit and that the drink spout doesn’t cause a mess when being used.