5 Tips for Creating Awesome Software Tutorials for YouTube

5 Tips for Creating Awesome Software Tutorials for YouTube

Whether your goal is to promote your business or simply make a little extra money on the side, creating a YouTube channel can allow you to reach a broader audience with a different type of web content. One great reason to create a YouTube channel is to help your customers better understand how to use your website or computer software. Our technology-focused society is a very visual society, and YouTube tutorials can help give consumers a step-by-step visual of how to use your company’s software. If you’ve never created a YouTube video before, however, you may feel uncertain as to how to create a stunning software tutorial that will help your customers. Never fear! These five tips will ensure you create a great software tutorial every time.

Tip 1: Write a Script

YouTube software tutorials can be ruined by a narrator who seems uncertain about what they’re talking about. Cut down on filler words like “um” and “uh” and show your mastery of the subject matter by having a script that you read off of during your software tutorial. Think of it like a personal teleprompter.

Your audience won’t be looking at your face, so they shouldn’t be able to tell that you’re reading during the tutorial, and you’ll sound more confident and more knowledgeable if you’re working off of a pre-written script. A script can also prevent you from going off on a tangent in the middle of your presentation and can ensure you hit all the major points you want to hit when teaching your customers how to use your computer software.

Tip 2: Assume Your Audience Knows Nothing

The whole point of a software tutorial is to seamlessly carry your customers through the software, eliminating confusion at every point along the way. Skipping over a step to make your video shorter can backfire by enhancing your audience’s confusion. At no point during your video do you want your customer to think, “But how did they get to that screen?” or “Why can’t I figure out how to do what they’re doing right now?” Go into your presentation assuming your audience knows nothing about your software and go carefully step by step to show them what you’re doing.

If you are afraid that your video will get to be too long by doing this, you can always create a series of videos on different aspects of the software that you’re showing off. In the case of software tutorials, however, giving too much information and eliminating confusion will be better than not giving enough information and enhancing confusion.

Tip 3: Lean Into Screen Sharing

One of the best ways to reduce your customers’ confusion when doing a software tutorial is to share your screen with them so that they can physically see what you’re doing in real time. This works much better than simply taking screenshots of the different steps as they can rewind and see exactly what you’re clicking to get to where you’re going. It also lends your YouTube tutorial a more fluid quality and makes it look slightly more professional.

Tip 4: Have High-Quality Audio

The last thing you want during your YouTube tutorial is for your audio to crackle or fade in and out. High-quality audio will mean the difference between a professional-looking software tutorial and a tutorial that feels as if it were made as a class project. Your computer’s built-in microphone likely does not have the audio quality you will need for a software tutorial that will promote your business. A website like http://microphonegeeks.com/ can help you choose the microphone you need for your best audio quality.

Tip 5: Create a Compelling Title Card

The final step to creating an awesome YouTube tutorial is to create a compelling title card. The image that goes beside your video title in a lineup has a lot to do with whether people decide to click your video or not, so you don’t want it to be an afterthought. Consider taking a photo of an easy-to-recognize page from your software so that it brands well, and then put a snazzy title on it so that customers can tell just by looking at the image what your tutorial will cover.