Aftershave Balm or Splash- Which One Should You Buy?

After a shave, no matter the type of shaver you use, you make your skin susceptible to infections among other exposures that may not prove as healthy. Let’s just say you traumatize your skin. An aftershave is used to enhance that relaxed feel, disinfect the skin(so as to lower chances of infections) and also moisturize the skin. To any first time user, it can be like a rite of passage, given the much irritation when the aftershave comes in contact with the just-shaven skin.

Aftershaves come in two main forms: the balm and the splash. A balm provides a thicker and heavier feel on the skin upon application, it also causes a lot of irritation but offers much more moisture to the skin. While the splash has a watery feel on application and is often a combination of toners, hydrosols to cleanse the skin and provide some degree of antiseptic protection to the skin and astringents. VisitManly matters for all types of after shaves.

Which one should you purchase?


They are mainly used in the cold and dry climatic areas and are recommended for any skin type. They cause a relaxed feel on application, as well as have a healing effect on the skin no matter how well or bad you did your shave.

Pros and cons of balms

They apply to any skin, making them a major product for sale in any stores and outlets. Not to mention that you need not spend much time scrutinizing the balm to use, and this dispels the fear of the effects of making a bad selection. They have an antiseptic effect hence, killing any bacteria exposed to the skin during and after the shave and locks out any elements that could adversely affect your skin. They also lock in a lot of moisture under your skin.

However, they could cause a tacky feel on the skin during the hot weather, and they take a long time to be absorbed into the skin.


The splashes or rather aftershave lotions are quite common in the shaving fraternity. However, they apply to oily skin types and common for use in the hot and humid climatic conditions. They have a lighter consistency as opposed to the shaving balm, making them much easier to absorb into the skin. They, however, have a lot of alcohol but they sure serve the purpose right.

Pros and cons of splashes

They are absorbed quickly, are revitalizing, not forgetting their antibacterial property that helps heal the after shave cuts and also disinfect the skin reducing exposure to infections.

However, they have a lot of alcohol content which, may not be appreciated by many and application on the wrong skin type, may adversely affect the skin, e.g. cause skin dry out.

Some of the best splashes and balm aftershave you need to look for are; Smolder Aftershave, Aramis, Aqua Velva, Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm, Old Spice Classic, the Gillette series of aftershave gel Dove Men+Care Post Shave Balm, Majestic Pure Aftershave Splash just to mention but a few.