Beginner Drum Beats You Can Learn on the Internet

Do you know that by just learning a few simple drum beats, you are able to play nearly any pop, rock, and country song ever written? This is amazing, right? These drum beats are easy to understand, memorize and form the beginning of learning any song that you can imagine. Knowing the beats helps you land the first audition and jumpstart your career.

We’ll show you 3 beats you can learn even with no previous drumming experience – and that will make you look like you’ve done it for much longer when you show them to your friends and family. And in case, you don’t have a drum set to practice on yet, check out theĀ e-kit reviews on kickstart your drumming.

The 8th Note Drum Beat

This is the simplest beat to learn. Many lessons offered on the internet have this as the first lesson to learn. You play the beat with 8th notes on the hi-hat, and use the snare drums on 2 and 4. If you desire a driving beat, you can play quarter notes on the bass drum. You can also play the quarter beats on 1 and 3 to get a laid-back feel.

The best thing about this beat is that you can practice it on the slow, medium and fast tempo, anywhere between 70 and 160 beats per minute. If you have ever listened to the song Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, you will notice this as the basic drum beat.

The Rock Beat

This is a familiar beat that you can learn from a website. If you have ever listened to any popular rock song, this beat features so much. It has been used in most of the songs since time immemorial and it still features in the latest songs. It is one of the easiest beats to modify to suit your song.

You can append variations, normally called fills to improve this beat especially when moving to another section. Experiment with different tempos and see how it pans out. You will discover that the beat is noticeable in different rock songs.

You can work with a mid-tempo groove, or a most relaxed tempo or hit a more energetic style with this beat.

Jazz Beat

This is a foundation for all instrumentalists, especially percussionists. A good reason to start this beat early enough is that it forms an important role in the history of art, and it also gives you a step ahead of the rest. Humans are easily moved by a relaxed groove, which is the role of jazz.

You can always learn a lot from the catchy beats that come from your drum set. Take your hi-hat to task for this groove, and attempt different variations. You can always seek help from an expert for this beat.

Final Thoughts

Starting drumming takes more than having the right tools; you also need to learn the common beats that form the foundation of your career. Take time to learn these beats so you can be an expert drummer within a short time.