Benefits of Creating a Space in Your Loft

Extra space – the one thing you wouldn’t mind having in your home.  And, you don’t have to have to hire a storage facility. All you got to do is to convert your loft and boom! You now have room to de-clutter. Here’s a rundown of why you should consider loft conversion.

It Increases your Property’s Space

Yes, this point is critical it had to feature on this list twice. Statistics indicate that the United Kingdom has some of the smallest homes in Europe. Put differently; almost every house is struggling to strike a balance between living space and storage.

By converting your loft, you’re gaining the extra space, and by extension cutting the strain on the rest of your household. Even more impressive, you’re utilizing the “dead” space to create more room without modifying the entire building.

It Adds Value to your House

Wait, how can loft conversion boost the value of your home? Okay, here is the thing – real estate experts say that converting your loft is one of the best ways you can invest in your house. Besides, repeated market research shows that the value of your property can shoot by up to 20% with conversions.

The Nationwide Building Society notes that you can increase your home’s worth by a whopping £37,000 by converting your loft.

What does this tell you? Well, it implies that there isn’t another form of home improvement that is relatively affordable as a loft conversion. And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to wait until you sell your home to get a return for your investment.

With the government issuing enticing tax rebates for people renting a room in their houses, it makes perfect sense to turn your loft into a lodger. You can even rent it out to a student and start getting returns immediately.

It Saves you the Cost of Moving

As property costs and solicitor fees continue to rise so does the cost of moving houses. One of the primary advantages of converting your loft is that you can stay in the same area for years. In essence, this implies that you don’t have to pay more for commuting or find a new job.

On top of that, it means that your children can stay in the same school without unnecessary interruption. Also, you don’t have to deal with the stress and trauma that comes with moving houses. And, in case you didn’t know, converting your entire loft is almost the cost of stamp duty.

It Enables you to Create a Room with a View

Sure, you must have experienced the awe of looking out onto other houses down the streets from your office window. Guess what? You can do the same right inside your home. It is delightful to gaze out of your loft’s window while assessing the neighborhood. Think of it as a way to survey your local area from a distance. Your loft is also an excellent place to watch the sun go down as you sip your favorite drink. How nice!

It Saves Time and Money

As stated, no home improvement rivals conversions regarding adding your value to your property. An extension, for instance, adds an average £16,000 to your property. Besides, it is relatively expensive to put up.

Loft conversion, on the other hand, is inexpensive on a price-per meter basis because the structure outline is in place already. Also, conversions will rarely block light or overshadow adjacent houses. You can create an upstairs bedroom with a loft conversion. That, however, is virtually impossible with an extension since you will have to build two-stories.

How else can a loft conversion save you money? Well, you don’t need to watch the weather. You can continue to work even in frosty or rainy conditions – of course; the case is different with extensions. Moreover, you must get planning permission for additions and standard extension. The scenario is different with loft conversion.

…Consider Hiring a Professional Loft Conversion Service

There’s every reason to convert your loft. Still, you need a helping hand to ensure that everything falls into place correctly. Remember, you are spending money, and you want value. A loft conversions North London service will;

Help you With Styling

You want your loft to look unique, right? A loft conversion company will help open possibilities of what you can do regarding styling. Whether you want your loft into a bedroom, home gym, office or an entertainment suite, the input of a professional will without a doubt make a difference.

The Experience Factor

Make no mistake about – converting  loftS involves a lot of work. It is hard to create something trendy and functional if you have no experience. Be sure to hire a service that has years of experience. The last thing that you want to do is to let an amateur modify your house. An experience loft conversion company knows what to do and how to it while giving you what you want.

Offer Cheap Repairs

You may want to repair your loft over time. A good service will do it at a reasonable fee. Plus, it can always make suggestions on how to keep your loft in a functional state. Some will even give you a guarantee, to repair your loft for free, usually not more than six months. The long and short of it is that you’re better off with professional help as opposed to going it alone.

One more thing – don’t forget to read reviews of the lofts conversions service you plan to work with to ensure that they’re up to the task.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, loft conversion offers a host of benefits. It is essential to mention, however, that you must plan before modifying your loft. Figure out why you need to convert. How will you be using the area, say, five years from now? Do you want to rent out space? Are you planning to sell your house? That way, you will avoid doing changes to the shape and design of your every once in a while.