Components of a Quality Employee ID Card

It doesn’t really matter which industry you are in, staff I.D cards and visitor badges are as important as any other security features you have in place. They play an important role in enhancing workplace safety because it is easy to identify employees and other personnel working in the building. Some cards can even be used with a microchip that allows electronic access, thus, restricting access to unauthorized personnel. Nonetheless, when it comes to producing ID cards, there are many factors that need to be considered. For example, will the production be outsourced or will it be in-house? This among other factors play an important role in your decision making. This article highlights some of the most important components of a quality employee ID card.


The design of the ID card is as important as the role it plays. There are numerous designs you can choose, but make sure you go for one that is not only attractive but also functional. Take your time to design a card that fits all your branding and security needs. If you don’t know where to start, there are numerous sites such as that provide free templates for various designs.


Make sure the ID cards are made of durable materials such as plastic or PVC, as they can last for a long time requiring little or no reprints at all. ID cards made from durable materials are not only long-lasting but also hard to recreate compared to paper ID.

Employee’s Photo

Just like all other identification documents such as passports, driver’s license, and Identity cards, ensure that every employee’s card has a photo of the owner for authenticity and verification. With an Individual’s picture, the card is unique to the owner and makes it safer to use. However, ensure that the photos used are recent and visible to easily identify the ID carrier.


Your authorized signature can be used as the last resort for instance, if the photo on your employee identification card is not visible well enough to identify you.  Therefore, incorporating employee’s signatures on their cards can be of utmost importance, especially when a person’s identity is in question. Signatures are unique and hard to duplicate on the spot, therefore, they can save the day and help to prevent unauthorized access or detect fake ID cards.

Company’s Logo

A company’s logo on the employee’s card makes it easy to associate the employee with the company and portray a professional image that reinforces the company’s brand. A logo can also be used to protect your cards against forgery by adding a holographic overlay on it, thus, making it more difficult to recreate or forge.

Data Encoding

Thanks to the advanced technology in the modern day, Employee ID cards can contain encoded data concerning the user in the form of magnetic stripes, chips, or bar codes. That way, the organization can sync an individual’s clearance level with their identification allowing only authorized personnel to access specific areas.

Overall, identification is a key part of your security system. It becomes easy to identify employees and also streamline staff processes. Depending on your organization, and the level of security you want in place, there are numerous components that you can incorporate into the employee’s ID card to meet your security needs.