Cool effects to up-cycle your clothes using fabric spray paint

Many people have a wardrobe full of old, color faded or out of fashion clothes. It may be tempting to get rid of them or donate them to a charity but why not revamp them to bring them Using fabric paints can change up the entire look of your wardrobe. Women will appreciate how hard it can be to find a matching dress, handbag or shoes. Now it is possible to decide on the color and spray paint the items yourself so they are alike.

An easy process

Is very different to other fabric dyes and paints because it can be sprayed on. Another option is to paint it with a brush. This could be a time-consuming process and possibly a messier one.  Spray paint can be applied quickly and dry fast which means it is more time effective than other approaches. The paint will absorb into the fabric easily and dry at room temperature leaving you with a machine washable garment.

Environmentally and child-friendly

This paint is non – toxic CFC free and gives off no fumes or bad smells. It is deemed safe to use even by children which is great because it means they can enjoy showing their artistic side by spray painting clothes too.

This spray paint offers you the opportunity to be creative

There are many unique effects that can be implemented in your clothes when you use this fabric spray paint. Effects such as Glow paint and stencils can be used to customize and personalize items.

Turn your old clothes into something brighter

Glow in the dark spray paint is a popular choice for customizing your clothes for parties. Obviously, it will glow brightest in completes darkness. However, it is important to note that although other spray paint products are completely permanent, the glow in the dark fabric paint is not and will wash out.

The glow in the dark paint needs to be charged by light. Therefore after spraying your clothes, it is recommended to leave it in an area that has natural or artificial lighting. It will need to be charged for around 10 minutes in order to work for about 30 minutes than you can charge it by light again.

Customize your clothes using a stencil

Use a stencil for an effective way to personalize your clothes. Spray painting with a stencil is one of the easiest ways to change a piece of clothing. Stencil spray paint will shine when dry. It will actually look and feel like a screen paint finish.

Can be used for other items

 You can look at your home and observe many color faded or old furnishings. Items such as sofas, curtains and blinds, carpets and be brought back to life with the use of this paint. It is recommended to use the large version of the standard spray can which is ideal for coloring and respraying larger projects.