Easy Ways to Change Up Your Look

It is so easy to get yourself into a rut with your look. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest, as they say. Or you may be embracing some changes in your life and just want to change things up a bit with your look too. Whatever the reason, here are some effortless ways to change your look. Embrace as many as you want and start heading towards a new you.

Change Your Hair Style

This is the easiest way to change your look and style and can be the least permanent if you don’t like the change. Your hair is probably the thing that people notice most about you, which means it can change your look the most too.

The first way that is so simple is to change your current hair from curly to straight or from straight to curly. Strangely enough, both these looks can be achieved by using hair straighteners. If you are looking for some new hair straighteners, go to the Hair Straightener Studio where they have guidance and reviews to help you to find the best flat irons for your type of hair.

Another effortless way to change your hair that has an enormous impact is to change your parting.  A parting change from centre to side or switching sides will change your look more than you might think. Instead of changing your parting, add a fringe or bangs. A fringe is very on-trend for 2018 whether it be side-swept, curly or curtain bangs.

For those who are rubbish at styling their hair, the good news is that braids are back this year. Add in a glittering hair accessory and nobody would guess you had no styling skills.

Add Accessories.

Hair accessories are going to be the big thing in the spring and summer. From jewelled hairbands to acrylic accessories, from schoolgirl clips to the double barrette, accessories work on all hair styles and types. Even the scrunchie is making a comeback.

You don’t have to stick to accessories in your hair. Refresh your look by adding a couple of accessories and you can also easily update your colour palette. Research the colours that are on trend for 2018 and pick a couple that you like. Make these your signature colours and buy a few accessories in your selected colour. You don’t need a whole new wardrobe as long as the colour goes with your existing colour. Buy simple things like jewellery, scarves, bags or shoes to easily update your look.  Purple, military green and chocolate brown are my colours of choice this year, though probably not together.

Rethinking your colour scheme is also the perfect time to have a clean out of your wardrobe. Clear out items that you haven’t worn, won’t wear or don’t go with the new you.

Cut Your Hair.

Do you always have your hair in the same style because you are not sure what to do with it? Embrace a new hairstyle that is on trend in 2018.Because it flatters every face shape, a long bob is still popular this year.  How about trying a short cut, with or without a choppy fringe? Or play it safe with wavy, glossy mid-length hair.

Colour Your Hair.

If you want a substantial change to your look you might consider colouring your hair. You can be bold and dramatic, or try understated colour. Platinum blonde is going to be the major colour of the year. If you want to keep it subtle, ribbon highlights are a lovely sun-kissed look on brown hair that is very low maintenance but looks very natural. If you want something temporary, give a wig a try.

Enhance Your Eyebrows.

Another easy way to enhance your look is to ensure your eyebrows are well-groomed. If you are not sure about your look, it is always worth consulting a professional. You might be surprised how a well-shaped brow can transform your face. Add a little extra by always using an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows. Don’t be afraid to go bold, as that look hasn’t gone away.

Fake That Tan.

You may not want to overdo it, but everyone looks better with a tan. Be safe and go for a fake tan. This will give you a nice healthy glow that people will notice.

Rethink Your Face.

If you haven’t updated your makeup look for a while, do an inventory of your make up bag. Throw away any of your old items, or those that you don’t use. Take a look at your remaining makeup and try some of the colours that you don’t normally use.

If you don’t want to change any colours, just try a slightly different look with your makeup. If you normally accentuate your lips, make the most of your eyes and use a nude lipstick. If you normally contour your cheeks to death, swap for a rosy or peach blush.

Winter can be especially hard on our skin so rethink your skincare routine to get back that summer glow. Moisturised, smooth skin always looks better and more youthful and you will have people asking if you have been on holiday.

Now that you have seen our suggestions for a variety of ways to refresh and update your look, try some of them out and update your look ready for spring. You don’t have to do anything too drastic if you are not ready, but enjoy embracing yourfresh look, and look and feel amazing.