Everything You Wanted to Know About Anime & More

Everything You Wanted to Know About Anime & More

If you are one of those people that thinks that Anime is just a temporary trend or hype you are dead wrong as Anime has been around for a long long time. According to an article on Wikipedia the first commercial animation was produced and showcased in 1917, that’s more than a century by now.

The anime style as we know it today emerged in 1960 and since then more and more people started to perfect the art of anime drawings, leading to the huge success that we see today. Osamu Tezuka was solely responsible for the internationally wide-spread of anime in the 20th century. If you think it’s just about art you couldn’t be more wrong as there is a lot of storytelling going on that most of us probably won’t understand as it’s all in Japanese and translations are rather rare.

Anime for Adults

Now that we’ve talked a bit about the history of Anime you can see that it evolved to different fronts as well, you can’t visit an adult site without seeing anime characters having sex with each other and the typical high-pitched Japanese voices that come with it. That was actually my first introduction to anime, shame on me.

The red-light district in Tokyo, Japan is literally over-flooded with animations in the shape of dolls, and prostitutes wearing anime outfits to lure in customers, that are somehow heavily attracted to it, girls in their young twenties dressed in school uniforms and what not. Even in Thailand, you can see the influence of anime as on every large market like the Chatuchak market in Bangkok or the night market on Theprasit road in Pattaya has plenty of stands where they sell those large eye lenses which are incredibly popular among the more feminine gay crowd.

Anime for Kids

A more popular genre for children is the Shoujo and Shounen anime that are popular with both boy and girls. It’s not so easy to find anime that’s suitable for your children to watch so if you plan on showing them something make sure to watch it yourself first to prevent any awkward situations. Because that’s not always so easy I created a list for you that’s safe for your kids to watch, and you might find it rather funny yourself as well.

Pokemon is probably the best example of that with zero sexual undertones, and once Pokemon Go was released it received great attention from all youngsters in the world, teenagers running around with their phones to catch the latest creatures, and even young adults got caught up in the hype, traveling to special places where exclusive Pokemon beasts could be found. The trend didn’t last very long though, within a year or so most of the hype was over and a few years after that hardly anyone uses it anymore.

I guess anime is supposed to be watched and not to be chased 24/7. Sailor Moon is another very popular series that started in 1995 and was produced by Naoko Takeuchi. Due to its popularity, it’s one of the few cartoon/manga series that got translated into English, and not even once but twice.

Anime is Everywhere

And it won’t go anywhere, soon after it reached the current popularity status more and more websites started popping up left and right, one of the higher quality sites is Anime Whiz which covers nearly every aspect of the anime industry so if you want to know more about anime and the popular shows that are running today I highly recommend visiting them to stay up-to-date on the current progress that’s taking place.

It’s not out of pure charity that they started this website I have to admit, as they are reviewing popular books that can be bought at Amazon.com when you click on their link they receive a small percentage and that’s what keeps the site alive and well. They cover a whole lot of topics like action & adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, historical, romantic, science fiction, and kid-friendly anime series.

Anime is Getting Real

Some people are so attracted to this whole anime thing that there are plenty of conventions for the true anime lover. Last January there were over thirty conventions in the US and Europe alone, most taking place in the states I have to admit but if you’re in Europe you can visit the Telli Mondocon in Hungary, Budapest on the 5th of January. If this is a little too nearby you might want to check out the Cardiff anime & gaming con at the Mercure Cardiff Holland House hotel & spa in Cardiff in the UK.

To get an idea of how these things work you should check out this video on Youtube and you will know exactly what I’m talking about 😉 Although it’s not all that popular in Europe there are still plenty of conferences if you aren’t afraid to travel around a little bit.