Get To Know the Best Japanese rice cooker Today

Japan is famous for many things. One of these is their sushi rice. It is mouthwatering and literally melts in your mouth. Due to advances in technology, there are many Japanese made rice cookers. Read on to find out more about the best Japanese rice cooker.

The Zojirushi rice cooker

This is one of the best Japanese rice cooker that you can buy today. This sushi rice cooker is very capable and often considered the best in the world. You can choose from two models of the Zojirushi sushi rice cooker. One of these has a capacity of 5.5 cups of rice. The other has a capcity of 10 cups. The Zojirushi rice cooker can cook Spanish, sushi and even brown rice. In addition to these, it can cook porridge quite well. It makes use of induction heat pressure cooking to prepare your rice. As a result, it cooks your rice 20 or 50 times faster. For delicious and mouthwatering rice, you can get this amazing rice cooker. It costs between $230 and $450.

The Panasonic rice cooker

This brand is very well known for its electronic products and appliances. Their Fuzzy Logic digital technology allows you to put in various setting as you cook your rice. An example of a setting you can control is the temperature of the cooker. As such, you can ensure that you don’t overcook your rice. After it cooks your rice, it will automatically keep it warm for you. It also has a timer feature. This one allows you to set it such that it begins cooking your rice after a set period of hours. You can get either the 10 cup or 5 cup Panasonic rice cooker. It is recognized as the one of the best Japanese rice cooker.

The Tiger rice cooker

If you want an induction heating rice cooker, this is the brand that you should search for and buy. It has a number of models. These have a 5.5 and 10 cup capacity. Its induction cooking technology allows you to set the exact temperature that you need your rice to cook at. It is a reliable and effective rice cooker that will give you delicious rice dishes every single time.

The Sanyo rice cooker

This is an effective rice cooker that makes use of Micom technology. Well known as the rice and slow cooker, this is one of the best that you can get in the market today. It has a digital screen that helps you to see the settings that you make. In addition to this, it has a menu with buttons that allows you to choose between a number of settings for your rice. You can set it to prepare rice so it emerges as regular, sushi or soft rice. You can also use it to cook brown rice, porridge as well as haiga Japanese rice.

This rice cooker also has a setting that you can use to cook rice very fast. Known as the quick cook setting, this setting allows you to skip the soaking period of the rice. It also allows you to cook your rice without rinsing it. Not only can it do that, it can easily steam food and even cook eggs. Moreover, it can cook tofu. It is one of the best Japanese rice cookers that you can get today.