How to Choose a Child-friendly Wedding Venue

Whether you are a wedding on the beach or in church, there is a group of guests that you will never do away with – the children. You need to have them to make the wedding complete. The cheerful runs of the kids and their role as flower girls cannot be overlooked.

But you know that you just can’t take these kids anywhere you feel like – you must find a venue that is ideal for them so as to make sure the wedding doesn’t end up in mishaps. Today we look at the process of choosing the ideal wedding venue for the children, and how you can make sure the kids are comfortable.

The Safety of the Venue

There are a lot of beautiful wedding venues that look attractive but are dangerous for the kids. Places that are located near busy roads, or the ones that have steep staircases, or those near unsupervised water bodies shouldn’t make the list at all.

If you find a place that you notice has a few dangers, then it is good to ask the management to take measures to make the area more kid-friendly before the big day.

An example of a child-friendly venue is the Sawyer Family Farmstead, which has measures ideal for keeping the young ones safe. Click here to see what the venue offers and to find out how to book it for your wedding.

Does The Venue Have Child-friendly Services?

You need a venue that comes with facilities that can cater for the kids. Small cutlery and small chairs will make it easy for the kids to sit when they are tired of running around. Many wedding venues forget about this, and end up losing a lot of business for weddings that have kids in the plan.

The venue should also provide activities for the kids; these can include a playground, a room with toys and any other activity that will give the little ones all the fun they need. The play area needs to be safe for the kids to play in, so that you don’t have to worry about them when you are engrossed in the wedding. The venue should also have someone to supervise the kids during the ceremony.

The seats you get for the kids needs to allow them to get in and out as many times as they want without disrupting the proceedings. You might have to set aside their seating area apart from the main area so that you can maintain some order.

Is There Enough Room to Run Around?

The children won’t just sit around like adults and watch the proceedings. Those that are used to small spaces are looking for fun and adventure in the wedding venue. So, a venue that has enough space for the kids to run around is the best that you can choose. This will help the little ones to let off some steam and stay occupied while you are busy tying the knot.

Does the Venue Serve Child-friendly Food?

These mini guests need to be served food just like any other guest in the wedding. However, it’s pointless providing the same kind of food or same quantity for the kids due to their small hands, tummies and mouths. However, you might find that you have to provide the food more regularly compared to adults.

Ask about the menu choice for the kids, if they don’t have anything for them, and then look for a caterer that can provide these meals for the kids.

Is There a Place to Sleep?

While some of the kids might not feel like stopping their games any soon, they usually get tired faster than you do, and they need somewhere to sleep. So, don’t get surprised when you notice your favourite nephew nodding off just when the party is just about to get started!

Ask whether there is a place away from the ceremony that the kids can sleep, most preferably somewhere that has the necessary supervision, or where they can be seen.

In Closing

When choosing a wedding venue, you need to take care not to forget the kids. These little ones are a part of the wedding just like the adult guests as well, so take care to make sure you have everything in place for them to enjoy the day.