Juicing for a Beginner

Are you considering including a fresh juice in your diet? You don’t have to be a professional chef, just follow these tips and make a perfect juice. The guides will make you enjoy the juicing process.

1.    Select a suitable juicer:  The juicer you select depends on several factors such as your kitchen space, noise produced by the juicer, ease of use, speed, your budget, size among other considerations which you can find at http://www.juicercruiser.com/breville-800cpxl/   Here you will get all the guides and reviews of various types of juicers to help you purchase the right one for you.

2.    Get your fruits and vegetables: Make a list of the fruits and vegetables you need to include in your juice. If you are not sure of the ingredients, a juice recipe can help you decide on what to include.

3.    Wash you produce: Wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly to remove bacteria and all dirt particles. Contaminated produce can lead to unhealthy food.

4.    Cut the large produce: Cut any large food to allow easy them fit through the juicer. Ensure you juice your vegetables immediately after cutting to prevent loss of nutrients.

5.    Adjust the speed: Pass your fruits and vegetables through the feeder: Adjust the juicer speeding depending on the hardness of the fruit. Use high speed for hard fruits and low for hard ones.

6.    Rejoice the pulp: Check the pulp after juicing them and if they are still dumped, pass them again through the juicer again for more juice. This step ensures you get the maximum from the produce and prevents wastage.

7.    Have your juice: After taking these steps, your drink is ready for drinking. Juice starts to lose its nutritional value hence you should drink as much as you can immediately you finish juicing. The maximum number of hours the juice can remain fresh is 48 hours. Ensure you don’t add any preservatives as the juice is supposed to stay fresh.

8.    Clean the juicer: The juicer manual provides the guides on how to clean your juice. The standard procedure involves scrubbing your juicer with warm water and soap. Place the machine on a drying mat.

9.    Store your juice: If your need to store, your juice ensure you fill the juice in an airtight to prevent entry of oxygen which depletes the nutrients. You can store the juice in a fridge for a maximum of 48 hours but can go up to 72 hours if well maintained. Freezing provides an alternative form of preservation and can preserve your juice for 7-10 days. The storage environment should be dark and cool and do not expose the liquid to heat or light.

Does this sound enjoyable? Then go ahead and make that fresh, healthy juice and get yourself many health benefits achieved through juicing.