Paved Driveways and Your Home: The truth Revealed

Does a paved driveway add value to your home or is it just a landscape addition? This article is here to help you make that decision whether you can invest in a driveway or not. Most homeowners think that a driveway only offers a path for the car, but for your information, there is more to it. If you keep on asking yourself why more of your neighbors are investing in paved driveways, here is the answer.

Curb Appeal

Your driveway is usually the first thing someone encounters before they reach the house. The driveway, therefore, gives the potential buyer an idea of how the house is. If the driveway is in poor shape, the visitor will conclude that the house is also in a mess.

Even when you aren’t selling, you can invest in a paved driveway to make your home more attractive. You can employ a variety of paving products for this task. These products are available in different sizes, colors, and shapes.

You need to maintain the driveway in top shape at all times. If you notice cracks or uneven surfaces, make sure to repair them. Remove the weeds and grass and seal the cracks before you attempt to put it on the market.

Add Much-Needed Functionality to Your Driveway

A professional driveway can give you more than just a path to drive your car. If you need to enjoy more than just paving and driveways Nottingham, Erewash Driveways & Paving can come up with a design that will leverage available space to help you get more from the driveway. For instance, you get to enjoy more parking space for your vehicle.

If you have space, then go for a fully functional driveway. The value of your property will increase depending on the width of the driveway and the presence of aesthetics. For instance, a driveway that can hold two cars will add more value as compared to a single-lane driveway. If you want to get top value on the property, you can add some high-value extras such as a walkway running to the patio or back door.

Your Property Becomes “Ready”

Most potential homeowners are too busy to buy property and then start making changes to it. They expect to get a property that is ready for inhabitation. Typically, having a paved driveway adds up to 10 percent to your home value.

Your home’s value is determined by the price of homes in the neighborhood. For example, if it comes to the fore that your home is the only one that doesn’t have a pavement, it might be seen to be of less value as compared to the rest. Likewise, if your home has a newer pavement as compared to the surrounding homes, buyers will find it more desirable.

Final Thoughts

A paved driveway can last several years, which means that if you use the right contractor and have it properly installed, you can still profit from it several years down the line. The increase in value gives you an upper hand during the selling process. The only catch here is that you have to work with pavers that know what they are doing.