Root Canal Therapy To Get Rid Of The Dental Pain

Tooth decay is the most common problem for the tooth pain and gum ache. Root Canal Therapy or RCT is the best proven solution for treating the decaying tooth to make you live painlessly. There are lots of dental clinics where you can receive quality dental treatments including RCT. New York Dental Office is the right place to get the dental treatments.

Root canal therapy is also known as the endodontic therapy in which the decayed and the infected pulp of the tooth are replaced with the filing. RCT helps in correcting the infection in the pulp tooth and prevents it from affecting the other teeth. This treatment is focused on treating the inside of the tooth and works on the root of the tooth. RCT is about removal of the pulp which is the thread like tissue located at the center of the tooth. The main causes for the damage to the pulp are cracked tooth, injury to the tooth and deep cavity. If the pulp is remained untreated it can cause severe pain and infection in the mouth.

Process of the Root canal therapy

There are several steps involved in the treatment of the tooth by RCT which are discussed in detail as follows:

  • An opening is created through the back of the tooth (front, pre-molar or molar).
  • The pulp is removed with the help of the special tools and then the pulp area is cleaned.
  • After cleaning the pulp area, it is prepared for filing process.
  • Temporary filing is done in the crown opening to protect the tooth, if more visits are to be done to the dentist.
  • When you next visit to the dentist, the temporary filing is removed and the pulp chamber or root canal is permanently filed. Gutta percha which is the rubbery and tapered material is put inside the canal and often sealed with the cement. Many times, the plastic or metallic rod is put inside the canal to provide structural support.
  • At the last, to retain the shape of the tooth, crown is placed over it. It also helps in gaining the natural appearance of the teeth.

Incredible benefits of root canal therapy

The following are the benefits of the root canal therapy;

  • It helps in restoring the biting force of the teeth.
  • It helps in reducing the tooth ache and makes you feel comfortable.
  • Decayed tooth is treated with medication or it is removed permanently.
  • It is helpful in maintaining the natural appearance of the teeth.

Pain during the root canal therapy

This type of treatment is really painful only on placing the filing. Otherwise, this procedure does not cause additional pain.