Surprising Meal That You Can Prepare In a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are some of the best kitchen appliances to make your life much simpler. With a pressure cooker, you can create delicious meal far quicker and easier than you could with ordinary pots and pans and meats comes out much softer. A pressure cooker can last you years which is why you need to find the best rated pressure cooker so you can turn a cooking session into a hassle free adventure.

Whole chicken

If you have always struggled to get a whole chicken to bake through without any raw bits in the middle, then you could give a pressure cooker a go. You will need a rather big cooker for this and ensure the cooker does not cook your chicken till it becomes shredded. Only cook it until it is nearly well done and then stick it into the oven for a crispy outer.

Hard boiled eggs

For the perfectly boiled egg you can use your pressure cooker. In the beginning, the cooker settings can be a bit difficult to get right for the perfect egg but once you have the settings right, you will be able to create the perfect eggs each time.

Pressure cooker cake

If your oven is acting up you can always prepare the perfect cake in your pressure cooker. Chocolate, sponge and cheese cake comes out surprisingly well in a pressure cooker and once you have the right settings for your cooker, your cakes will come out perfect each time.

Rice and grains

Pressure cookers work almost the same way as a rice cooker so instead of limiting yourself to a rice cooker, why not invest in a good quality pressure cooker in which you can prepare just about any meal?

Any type of grain such as barley, faro, kamut, millet and even oats can be cooked in the pressure cooker if you just have the right settings and the recipe.


Pressure cooker yogurt is delicious and fun to make. It takes about 8 hours, but with the cooker you can go about your business while all the hard work is done for you.