Teeth Whitening In-Office- Can Remove Some Particular Stains

Teeth whitening process is one of the common choices of dental treatment, preferred by all of us because it is the best option, available at an affordable budget. No matter whether you have home-based bleaching kits or take a bleaching session from dentist in North London, your solutions with teeth whitening methods are desirable.

Teeth whitening and the condition of our enamel

Many of us possess dazzling white teeth since our birth because there is porcelain-like enamel. Made of tiny crystalline rods, the enamel of teeth is intended to guard the teeth sets from all kinds of effects of gnashing, chewing or acid attacks due to sugar. However, in due course, this enamel becomes corroded and turns out to be more transparent. It exposes the yellowish shade of dentin.

During the everyday chewing of foods, dentin stays intact when lots of little cracks are created in our enamel. And such cracks and also the gaps slowly get filled up with debris and blemishes. Thus, eventually, the teeth gain a dull, dreary look.

Teeth whitening system can eliminate the stains. In addition to it, some cracks that have been stated above are re-mineralized quickly with saliva.

Most patients choose in-office option for whitening all their teeth. Here is a list of all those stains, which may be removed in-office.

Stains- Removed easily with the process of in-office whitening

With the option of in-office teeth whitening, you may get rid of some of the organic tinges or discolorations that are mainly caused due to-

  • Aging- In due course, the teeth become black with a brown, yellow, lime or grey cast. Yellowish teeth are likely to become whitened most easily.
  • Intake of some particular foods (especially red wine, chocolate, sodas or any dark tinted fruits).
  • Use of tobacco

Stains that may not be wiped out with in-office whitening

  • Teeth with some tinges – generally those, which are inorganic, may not give the suitable result, in case of the in-office whitening. Truly, such teeth can appear darker, while the adjacent teeth have been treated to become white.
  • Trauma that leads to the darkening of the dentin
  • Tetracycline antibiotic that has been consumed at the time of the formation of the teeth. Such drugs combine with crystal-like composition of the enamel of the tooth and the basic dentin.
  • Extreme exposure to the mineral like fluoride that may result in fluorosis or the discoloration of your tooth

So, get your teeth whitened with the North London dentist’s help at a reasonable price.