The Future of Small Homes

There is no doubt that the future of housing lies in downsizing. In fact, the demand for smaller houses is steadily on the rise, and it doesn’t seem like the trend is about to stop. Smaller homes are not only affordable but also easy on the planet. We take a closer look at the future of small houses.

Small Houses Will Be More Automated

Everyone is looking for appliances that will make their lives more convenient without taking too much space. The Internet is slowly changing the way people live at homes. Up to six nine percent of homeowners intend to purchase a smart device within the next five years.

According to Generic Electric, a leading home appliance manufacturer, household appliances will continue to evolve. The company says that devices will be more compact and accomplish even more tasks in a bid to save space. For instance, a kitchen sink will double up as a dishwasher. Who knows? A future clothes washer may also double up as a closet. Imagine a machine that cleans, dries, compresses and dispenses your clothes in pellets as you need them. Now, that’s automation at its best!

Speaking of automation, you need to visit even as you prepare for what the future holds for your home. Here, we review gadgets that will make your life easier in every way from Wi-Fi routers to smart music systems and the latest thermostat.

Prefabricated Homes Will be Hot Properties

Yes, this may sound a bit farfetched, but that’s the reality. You see, prefab homes are not only cheaper but also quicker to build in comparison to traditional homes. At the moment, prefabricated home builders are changing the industry as we know it but offering modest, architect-designed homes. These units are both energy efficient and hold up well to elements of weather.

With the rising utility costs than the increasing occurrence of extreme weather events, super-sized homes are slowing becoming unattractive to potential buyers. In effect, this means that the demand for prefab homes will rise since they’re affordable and resilient to extreme weather. They’re also cheap to heat and to cool.

Small Homes Will Feel Like Spacious Apartments

Futures houses will be using moving walls, detachable (or transforming) furniture and pulley systems all in the name of creating more space. And, because the building industry is at a premium in most cities homeowners are now looking to make the most of the small space available in any way that they can.

In the not so distant future, apartments and condos will come in designs that allow you to transform a single room into a dining room, kitchen or a living room. Look at it like the systems used in theatrical productions with rooms tucked in the floor and the ceiling.

The Bottom Line

The real estate landscape is changing pretty fast. People are no longer interested in purchasing high-end homes especially if they can’t afford them. That said, the future of small homes is exciting and worth looking forward to.