The Role of Bots in Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Bots make work easy for you. You can manage multiple Instagram accounts from the same dashboard, schedule as many posts as you want, engage with your audience automatically, track and analyze the performance of your account with detailed reports and more. This is only possible with the right bot or account management program.

So, what can the right bot do for you as the owner of a new business?

Help You Be Consistent

Unlimited scheduling of your posts and Instagram Stories at the right times keeps your followers engaged throughout the day. The tool takes over the scheduling and posting process so that all you have to do is to come up with the right content.

You can schedule the posting from any device, meaning that you can schedule the posts from the train on the way to work or while lounging on the beach. You can make any differences to the schedule anytime you want.

Track and Analyze the Growth

The tools come with insights so that you can get important information about any profile that you choose. You can measure the progress of the automation tasks, learn more about your audience and optimize them for growth.

Quick and Easy to Sign Up

You don’t take long to sign up for an account, and you can decide to pay using any of the modes that you see suitable for you. The setup can take just 5 minutes, and you have the bot active on your accounts

The bots also offer no-risk sign up processes due to the trial package that you can use for free. Check out Audience Gain, one of the automation tools recommended by The Small Business Blog.

You can also add as many accounts as possible to the dashboard so that you don’t have to switch from account to account when checking out the analytics. This helps save you time and effort because once you log into the accounts, all you have is to click on the alias and check out the stats.

After setting up the various accounts, the next thing is to choose the automation preferences and tasks. You can now leave the bot to run and perform the tasks you set it to do.

You can then head to the insights tab and then start tracking the profiles to get in-depth analytics and know what to do to optimize mire.

Automation Best Practices

When using bots, you need to make sure you follow a few best practices to avoid getting banned on the platform. Here are a few ways you can achieve this.

Stay Consistent

The bot allows you to schedule some tasks ranging from liking to posting content. With the kind of automation the tool offers, you can auto like posts, auto follow and unfollow, auto comment and auto DM welcome messages to your new followers the right way.

Track Your Progress

You need to know how you are performing so that you make modifications to your pans. Use the insights that come with the tool to create statistical and analytic reports to help further optimize the profile for much better results. You can easily know when something is right or wrong depending on what the reports show. It also tells you when to do more or less.

Use Calls to Action

You can use the tool to lead the followers exactly where you want them to go. This makes your account active and makes it easier for your account to be verified.

In Closing

When it comes to automation, you need to know how to perform the setup the right way and make it work for you. Use the tool wisely to grow your brand the right way.