What To Eat & What Not To Eat When You Get Braces

There are no doubts that getting sturdy and professionally built braces in Long Island can guarantee for solid results within one or two years. But then, no matter how stable they are, braces require special care and maintenance. The brackets and wires must be properly treated and maintained for good final results. Fail to care for them and the result will disappoint you. Some people will inevitably need to make some changes in their diet. As a general rule of thumb, you have to avoid hard foods. Sticky foods are just as harmful, not to mention the chewy ones. On the other hand, the diet must be based on soft foods. They are easier when it comes to the pressure on oral hardware, hence this recommendation.

Although the orthodontist is supposed to come up with some special recommendations, it does pay off to research your choices some more. Generally, picking foods is a matter of common sense. If something seems too hard or sticky, it might be wise to avoid it and just choose something else instead. From this point of view, ignore popcorn, hard taco shells and ice. Even if these things are part of your daily diet, you have to quit them for the next couple of years. Nuts are just as harmful from this point of view. Do you use to chew gum every once in a while for a fresh breath? Forget about it! Just brush your teeth more often instead.

Lose sticky and hard candies from your diet too, as well as corn chips. Pretzels are often overlooked, yet they can expose your braces to a lot of risks too. The same rule applies to crackers. No matter how hard they are, they are usually easy to deal with. Wrong! This is only a misconception. From the same point of view, cookies and chocolate follow the same standards, so be careful. If you are craving for sweets, turn to soft fruits instead.

Another solid rule implies avoiding bites with the front teeth – especially hard foods. Raw vegetables and fruits are some of the most obvious samples. Stop eating them just like that and cut them instead. Croûtons, Italian bread, French bread and hard rolls carry the same requirements. Crust pizza, burgers and sandwiches may also demand some special care. Sure, you probably imagine that you will never be able to eat a hamburger in public again. This is correct, but then, straight and beautiful teeth cannot be achieved for free. This is the price you have to pay. If you think about it, the result is always worth these changes.

In conclusion, a little attention and a few changes here and there will not only maintain the braces in the best possible shape, but also rush the treatment.