Why Bowl?

One of the richest and longest parts of sport history is bowling, which dates back to approximately 4000 years ago when it began in Rome and Greece. More than 25 percent of Americans play this game, and they do not do it alone; they take their friends and families along to the alley.

We have all focused on the tips to play the game better, how to buy the right gear and how to make the best of each shot and forgot all about the numerous benefits that bowling brings.

Let us look at the top advantages of bowling, and why it is time to take it up seriously.

It Tones and Strengthens Your Muscles

Bowling is a form of muscular exercise, especially of the lower part of the body. This is because you are walking while carrying the extra weight. Furthermore, swinging the arm stretches and flexes the muscles and therefore makes your joints, ligaments and tendons strong.

Promotes Weight Loss

Regular bowling speeds up body metabolism, which helps you to lose weight. Although this game is played in a small area, you exercise your legs as well when you walk back and forth as you swing the ball down the alley.

Depending on the weight of the bowling bowl and how many game series you perform, you can burn as much as 300 calories each game. This promotes the loss of weight.

Reduce the Risk of Developing Disease

One of the risk factors for developing heart disease is leading a sedentary lifestyle. Bowling is an exercise that can lower the risk of conditions such as depression, stroke, heart attack, diabetes and high cholesterol. It also helps your body to use oxygen much better, which is good for all body organs. So, make sure you try and go bowling at least once weekly to stay fit.

By engaging in bowling, you get to meet new people, make new friends and socialize. This allows you to relieve daily stress.

Improves Your Social Life

Millions of bowlers meet and enjoy this game each week across the country. The leagues and teams allow you to meet and interact with fellow players and helps you meet old friends that you wouldn’t have been able to meet at all.

This helps you find companionship as you enjoy the competitiveness of the sport. Since the sport is ideal for all ages and genders, the elderly who live alone can now find company that is elusive at such an age.

Promotes Mental Acuity

Throwing the bowling ball and hitting those pins requires a large amount of hand-eye coordination. Such kind of focus can stimulate tactical energy, concentration and mental alertness.

Young people can use the game to boost their hand-eye coordination and improve their motor skills. For older players, the game can help them to refine tactics and get more from the game than before.

It Is Fun

At times, you need to get out of the house as a family and have some fun. One of the top games that you can take part in is bowling. It presents an opportunity to have fun as the whole family. You can play as you share stories and have fun. It is a time to spend with family.

The good thing is that the game is not hard to play, and the whole family can take part. The rules of this game are easy to learn and understand, and the competitive nature of the game makes it more fun.

The scoring is automated, and you do not have to spend a lot of time deciding how many points a player has scored, all you have to do is to read the scores.

You will enjoy this game as a family; not because of the level of competitiveness that comes with it but because of the fun you have and how easy it is to play it as a group. All you need is the right guidelines and picking the right ball, which you can find out here.

In Conclusion

It takes more than just throwing the bowling ball down the alley and hitting the pins to enjoy this game. The game comes with many health benefits that you enjoy more than just being competitive. You have fun while at it while bonding with your family or friends.